Chapter Twelve: Preparations.

As told by Damia’
3 min readNov 5, 2020

Just when I thought it could not get any busier, October 2020 arrived. The month filled with deadlines until early November, committee works as well as meetings and lastly, my pregnancy appointments. My Google Calendar was pretty much colourful on this and next months!

How do I organised my assignments’ due dates? I use Google Calendar to remind me weeks earlier, then I work on the assignments and was able to submit most of them before the actual deadline. 🥳 Therefore, I have plenty of time to focus on other assignments amd even committee works. Google Calendar plays an important role in reminding and organising my assignments for me, so download yourself a Google Calendar and get organise!

I also use Google Calendar as a reminder for committee meetings, events and my pregnancy appointments. I let my friends and lecturers know a few days earlier if I was unable to attend meetings or lectures due to clashes with my appointments. I also let the nurses know that I’m a student so on some days of the week, I will not be able to have an appointment. Usually the ask me what is the best time and they pick the dates.

I was also active in contributing to my committee which is the Fundraising ans Sponsorship, I attended every meetings, events and preparations for events for the past two months. However, I have made a request to the Director of Spectrum: Anew, Aqilah, and my boss the Head of Fundraising, to rest and prepare myself both mentally and physically on the first or second week of December before my pregnancy due date and to which they agreed. I am truly grateful to be surrounded by kind and understanding friends and lecturer.

The month of November arrives… Which can only mean two things. One, there are currently six pending assignments left and two, I am eight months pregnant which means I only have two months left to get things done with Uni and prepare the baby stuffs!

In regards to committee works, there will be two committee events which are Tiny Lit Fest and PAC. PAC will be held this month on the 20th until 22nd. As for Tiny Lit Fest, we were asked to create an installation prior to the event itself which is on December. I will try to contribute as much towards these two events before I am away.

The current progress of my Final Year’s creative product is 35%. I have bought ths chosen fabric and I just need to alter and finalise some of the designs.

As the month of December approaches, I am currently focusing on buying the baby’s sfuffs and essentials. I made a list of what to buy so that I do not forger or overspend on certain things. And the journey to labour begins now. Wish me luck!!!



As told by Damia’

Story of my life as a Student, Wife & Soon-to-be mother. #ax3305