Chapter Eleven: Blue and Pink.

As told by Damia’
3 min readNov 1, 2020

This chapter is fully dedicated to one of the most memorable days of my life which was finding out the baby’s gender via ultrasound. I had an ultrasound appointment exactly when I was twenty weeks pregnant. The date was 26th August 2020 at 2pm.

As usual, my husband dropped me off at Rimba Clinic because husbands still were not allowed to enter. This was one of the setback in my pregnancy journey because my husband did not get to hear the baby’s heartbeat, look at the baby through ultrasound and the fact that I have to go to every appointments alone.

Before my number was called out, I was texting with one of my best friends, Suza, my best friend of twenty-one years. She knew I was about to have an ultrasound weeks before the day arrived and literally begged me so that she can organise a surprise gender reveal for me and my husband. I said no every time because I do not want to burden her. However, she managed to persuade me and change my mind about the whole gender reveal thing and agreed to it.

When it was my turn to meet the doctor, I personally asked her whether she can write the baby’s gender on a paper. Sadly, she was not authorised to do that. Therefore, the gender reveal thing was kind of a fail because I eventually found out what the baby’s gender was. The doctor asked me twice to ensure whether I really do want to know or not and I must admit, it was the hardest decision. Then, I gave in and she told me the baby’s gender. That was probably the hundredth time I cried during my pregnancy.

I told Suza about the whole unauthorised thing and we agreed to carry on with the plan but this time it was a surprise for my husband, my other close friends and both sides of our families. The gender reveal took place on the same date at Pappu Restaurant around 8pm. Suza planned the whole thing, it was a “casual dinner” for our close friends and plus ones. My husband had no idea we were holding a gender reveal because… I kind of lied to him about not knowing what the baby’s gender was. I told him the baby was sleeping and the doctor was not able to identify and see clearly. And of course, he bought it. 🙂

Around 9pm, we were done eating and the tables were cleared. Then, Suza took out all the gender reveal stuffs and they were all surprised! She sets up a wrapped present and took out a box of cake. She then asked the others to hold either a blue or pink balloons according to their predictions of the baby’s gender. She then told me to hold a “It’s a Girl” and “It’s a Boy” topper for the cake and asked my husband to unwrapped the present to reveal the gender. While two of my closest friends were in charge of WhatsApp videocalled our families.

Once he unwrapped the present, I placed one of the topper and everyone cheered!

We are welcoming our baby girl sometime between 20th-25th December! 💖

Baby A



As told by Damia’

Story of my life as a Student, Wife & Soon-to-be mother. #ax3305