Chapter Eight: Final Year Part I

The start of the new semester means the obsession of counting my MCs (Modular Credits) also starts! I was so worried of miscalculating it and the thought of not graduating freaks me out even to this day. So I decided to e-mail Dr Lopes and have a meeting with him.

Before meeting him, I made preparations such as listing out the modules I have previously taken and counted my estimated MCs. It was easier to give input to Dr Lopes during our meeting as I have prepared everything beforehand, he counted my MCs and explained that I have to take five modules this semester and four modules next semester. He also asked how many and what modules I was planning to take this semester. Therefore, I listed out five to six potential modules that I was planning to take and he took note of it. To those who are having difficulty in counting their MCs and how many modules need to be taken, I highly recommend meeting Dr Lopes before the semester starts!

The Add/Drop week: The week where my indecisiveness mostly peaks since Day 1 of Uni.

I started to question myself on why would I not take six modules this semester, what is stopping me? Oh right, I am carrying a baby. I was afraid of not being able to mentally prepare myself with all the workloads, from assignments, committee works and preparation for our final exhibition. I was mostly concerned it will affect my baby due to the stress and what not.

I decided to list out the pros and cons of one: taking five modules and two: taking six modules and of course, I was going for number two. Mostly because:



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As told by Damia’

Story of my life as a Student, Wife & Soon-to-be mother. #ax3305